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Top 20 Referrals

Below is a listing of the Top 20 referral web sites which are ranked according to how many hits they have referred to Tech22.

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Top 20 Referral Sites
Site Name
1 Tornado In 2003
Networking essentials
2 TechTarget: The Most Targeted IT Media
TechTarget's highly targeted media properties deliver unparalleled value to enterprise IT professionals.
3 AnandTech
AnandTech, the leading IT source for hardware analysis and industry news. Click a link below to learn more about AnandTech.com.
4 World of Windows Networking
Our objective is to provide premium technical content for network administrators for free.
5 TechRepublic: Real World, Real Time IT
* 10,000 articles: Field-tested how-tos from in-the-trenches IT pros

* 50,000 white papers: Decision-support resources for IT managers and CIOs

* 1,200 Downloads: Powerful tools to simplify IT operations

* 127,000 technical Q&A and discussions: Highly engaged IT peer community

* 40 newsletters: Timely, focused e-mails on a variety of IT topics
6 Digg
Digg is a technology news website that employs non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do.
7 Motive Eduction: Helping you choose the right scho
Its no secret that more and more people are looking to the internet for a convenient way to further their education. Online classes are a great way to obtain an accredited college degree from home and continue to work a full time job.
8 Computing Virtual Library
The WWW Virtual Library of
Computing and Computer Science
9 Computer Hope: Free computer help.
Computer Hope is a collection of free services that allows any user to access its database of extensive free computer related information. With these resources available Computer Hope has become a popular destination for end-users as well as computer support facilities for answering computer related questions.
10 Adrians Rojak Pot
Forums, reviews and tech resources.
11 Driver Files
On DriverFiles.net we aim to aid you in your search for the device driver you need. This we do completely free, we don't require registration and you don't have to pay an annual fee to be able to download our drivers (most other driver resource sites do).
12 Hardwaves
Hardware Waves reveives 30,000 unique IP each day.Among them, 38% are IT professionals, 33% are involved in purchasing hardware products, 45% work in companies with total annual revenues or 10 million Pound or more.
13 PC 911: Free computer how-tos
FAQs for windows, online services and more.
14 Technology Resource - Directory
The Technology Resource is an independent directory of web sites, run by volunteers. The Technology resources directory aims to provide a resource for links of the highest quality to web sites reknown in each of their market sectors.
15 Karbos Guide to PC Hardware
Here you find articles of more than 450 pages on these pages. This site is the work by best-selling European author Michael B. Karbo.
16 Tek Tip Forums
17 PC Extreme
Mods and hardware reviews
Do you have what it takes?
19 Absolute Freebies
We are dedicated to bringing you the best in Online Gaming, Freebies, Windows freeware, and Free Stuff. Our Best Freeware section lists our picks for the best in freeware and the Free Stuff section contains just that, freebies.
20 HardwareZone
IT News and reviews

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