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Tech22.com was designed by IT professionals for IT Professionals. The developers and owners of tech22.com have a vast array of industry experience. We are the IT Managers, Programmers, Administrators, Web Designers, Business Development Managers and Tech Consultants that have powered the industry for years.

Our goal is to provide Tech22 members with "rapid fire" IT information and industry news without all the "glitz" and "spam" that has saturated the web in recent years.

Tech22.com provides subscribers with FREE Industry targeted information catered toward IT professionals on over 300 topics. We are able to keep a fresh and responsive audience by following a strict creed: We send members only that what they have requested and with every offer the option to unsubscribe.

Our exclusive service offers the IT marketplace access to their ultimate buyer, the IT Professional. This is done with the highest privacy standard and always with our member's experience in mind. All Tech22 subscribers have given us permission to send them relevant information based on their unique technology interests.

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